BL International Smart School


Our Methodology :

We at BL International Smart School, completely discard the practice of copying answers from the board. Hence, we start working on languages from an early age. The students frame and write their own answers in their notebooks/ workbooks and in the worksheets. As a result, the students of this school never face the challenge of cramming information.

“The BL International Smart School provides for additional programmes as tutorial help and remedial teaching for slow learners to help them to cope with the courses taught in the main streams. This helps in easier understanding and curtails the need for private tuition.”

Exposure To New Activities :

Besides academics, the curriculum of BL International Smart School concentrates on a lot of new activities which include sports which helps in relaxation of mind, and Team-building, social programs which improve interpersonal skills.

Our Teachers :

Our school follows top-notch teaching and learning processes that are practical, experimental, and fun to learn. Our experienced and well-qualified teaching faculty have years of experience in the field, which makes them one of the best teachers. They undergo constant upgrading through workshops and certification courses. Their specialised teaching methodology through the use of digital spaces and interactive technologies makes them easily accessible to students and teachers.
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