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About Us
About Us

Welcome to BL International Smart School

Welcome to ‘BLISS !’
Nestled amidst the scenic hills surrounding Bisalpur Dam, the historic town of Toda Rai Singh in Rajasthan’s Tonk District is where you’ll find BL Memorial Charitable Sansthan. Founded by Shri Kanhiya Lal Choudhary in loving memory of his father, the renowned social activist and environmentalist, Shri Banna Lal Choudhary.

Under the auspices of BL Memorial Charitable Sansthan, we proudly present BL International Smart School (BLISS). Located on the outskirts of Toda Rai Singh Town, just off the Jaipur road, BLISS is an English Medium Senior Secondary Boarding School following the CBSE curriculum. Come, embark on your educational journey with us at BLISS in Toda!

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Our Mission

BLISS, built with modern infrastructure and equipped with the latest innovative smart learning techniques, coupled with well-qualified and motivated teaching faculty, amalgamates to create a spectacular ‘Blissful’ learning environment for both day boarding students and hostellers. BLISS aims to raise the bar to enable the school to achieve superlative all-round development of children, empowering them to excel in all spheres beyond the curriculum by instilling values that empower them for life!

Our Vision

By providing a smart learning environment, motivated faculty, and world-class school infrastructure, we envision the empowerment of our children for life, thus strengthening our society and the nation.

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School Levels

Our program from Pre-Primary to Grade 12 in Senior Secondary is a comprehensive
curriculum that makes our students Innovators, & Leaders of promise.

We offer the best practices of modern pre-school education.

A quick glance at our primary school program and facilities

Focuses on the all – around development of 11 to 18 year-olds.

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